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about us

For 12 years Magic Design has been know for its high quality products such as Architectural Foam shapes, Precast, ArcusStone for interiors and exteriors of residencial and commercial projects. We have now added a new division to the company which includes state of the art 3D machinery which providing any design. Magic Design is located in Orlando, Florida, but has had the privilege to have done work throughout Dubai, North America and The Caribbean islands for residential and commercial projects.



Experience Matters

Magic Design has had the opportunity to work with over 200 customers in all aspects of designs and production of specific designs needs.

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Commercial Works

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Residential Works

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We Create with Passion!
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Foam Precast Community Entrance, Magic Design offers a complete wide variety of Architectural foam shape for use in commercial and residential buildings, foam orlando, foam band, columns, crow molding, baluster, arch, fireplace, pre cast, arcusstone, sculpture, signs, 3d sculpture, baluster, entrance, community